Ehhh... this thing still exists?

Hmm, oh well, I'm bored anyway. Let me contribute to the interwebs. Been a while. Don't even remember why this blog even exists. But it's OK, I can kill some time with this. So Why not.

And that's not a cloud. Oh well.

Ah, here are the clouds! Walking up Mt. Fuji, the clouds appear beneath.

And sometimes you walk through them. Ah good times. 
All these old cloud pics from up Mt. Fuji, so nostalgic. Makes me want to go up again!

And a last one with a little bit more green. 

That's some of the more interesting pictures with clouds I found when going through some old photo's. Sometimes it's just fun to see some of your old pics. I have a terrible memory, some might say because I'm a terrible person, but having pictures like these help me remember things somewhat better. I also want to thank those who went up Mt. Fuji with me for taking some of the pictures above.

Although, obviously the first picture isn't taken anywhere near Mt. Fuji, but who cares. Not like anyone reads this piece of shit blog anyway. Can't imagine why anyone would want to read blogs like this, blogs like this are mostly for self-gratification anyways. Excuse me for the bitterness in that last statement. Clouds are supposed to be light, fluffy and happy things. At least, the clouds posted in this blog mostly are. There are however clouds that are a lot less friendly, both in appearance and in nature. But for now, it seems that there won't be too much thundering and such unpleasantness. Besides, I haven't really figured out why I would want to even share things other than cloud pictures. And even just sharing cloud pictures itself is a highly questionable activity, that neither has a goal or purpose. 

Having said all that, have fun and see you next time.