And we're back! Sorta... Will forget about this blog in about 2 hours, but oh well. Have some nice pictures of Leiden at sunset anyway. 


And finally some more clouds

Yes, this blog has been neglected for a while, but here are some new cloud pics.

Have fun.


And then we saw some strange things in Norway

After Denmark, we made a short stop at Göteborg, Sweden

Were there were no clouds, because it was just raining...

Luckily, Oslo did have nice weather

And one of the weirdest parks I've ever seen...

With some really strange works of art

Bronze crying baby statues...

And the Baby Kicking Man!!

Oh, and clouds...


The clouds are back!

It's been a while, unfortunately there were exams and what not. But no worry, we're back. With more clouds!

Our student barracks... 

...at sunset

Nijmegen, oldest city in the Netherlands

With a cloud


Somehow we ended up in Denmark

And then we arrived in Copenhagen. Nice city, great fun and some clouds. I actually don't remember what we did there anymore...


Coloured houses, somewhat dark because of the overcast

Luckily the weather cleared up and it didn't rain much

And some clouds above Central Station

Now that I think of it, we didn't take any public transport in Copenhagen and actually walked around the whole city. While the city does provide some sort of bikes you can ride on, they're always taken by other people... Oh well, Sweden and Norway are next, which is great fun, because we visited a rather odd park in Norway.......


London; tubes and clouds

Yup, this time we went to London. Just to take cloud pictures. Ok... not really, but they do have a lot of clouds and rain and tubes. 

Clouds above Piccadilly Circus 

Clouds above some monument in front of Buckingham Palace 

Clouds above the houses of parliament

And tubes

Yup, traveling and clouds are awesome. Tubes too, most of the time. 


Austria and Germany

Last time I posted about the change in weather when we went from Italy to Austria. Here's more of that!

Although it was rainy and cold, the view was quite nice.

And then we were in Innsbruck, surrounded by mountains and clouds!

After Innsbruck we went to München, were it was overcast and rainy. All day. And that was summer...

Well, the weather in Germany was crap and we couldn't take much cloud pics, so we took the boat to Denmark. Next stop, Danish clouds!


Italian Clouds

So we had French clouds last time. Well after going to France, we decided to drive to Italy.

Except there weren't much clouds to be seen... (Pic taken in Verona)

Venice was also pretty cloudless... (now I'm just showing off, but who cares)

But there were some nice clouds at the Lake Garda

Nice weather and clouds on the Italian side of the Alps...

...and rain on the Austrian side after going trough the Brenner Pass!

Next time, more clouds in Austria!


Clouds of Singapore

See cloudy heavens
Mankind keeps on inventing
Stirring the spring storms

Anybody got good cloud poems/haiku?


Sunset cloud colours

The colours of the sky that soak the clouds at sunset inspires one with its warm colours of fading blue, purple and pink. Check out these babies in Oegstgeest.

Do you prefer a big group of clouds gathered together for convention or individual lonely clouds? What do you think clouds think?


Some French Clouds

While driving to Southern France, I took some pictures of clouds

Fluffy clouds we encountered while on the highway

Clouds in the distance at Pradelles

Ominous looking clouds at Millau Viaduct

And the few Nice clouds that were on the beach

Looking back at these pictures, I'm reminded of how beautiful our earth is. Let's make more cloud pictures!