Italian Clouds

So we had French clouds last time. Well after going to France, we decided to drive to Italy.

Except there weren't much clouds to be seen... (Pic taken in Verona)

Venice was also pretty cloudless... (now I'm just showing off, but who cares)

But there were some nice clouds at the Lake Garda

Nice weather and clouds on the Italian side of the Alps...

...and rain on the Austrian side after going trough the Brenner Pass!

Next time, more clouds in Austria!


Clouds of Singapore

See cloudy heavens
Mankind keeps on inventing
Stirring the spring storms

Anybody got good cloud poems/haiku?


Sunset cloud colours

The colours of the sky that soak the clouds at sunset inspires one with its warm colours of fading blue, purple and pink. Check out these babies in Oegstgeest.

Do you prefer a big group of clouds gathered together for convention or individual lonely clouds? What do you think clouds think?


Some French Clouds

While driving to Southern France, I took some pictures of clouds

Fluffy clouds we encountered while on the highway

Clouds in the distance at Pradelles

Ominous looking clouds at Millau Viaduct

And the few Nice clouds that were on the beach

Looking back at these pictures, I'm reminded of how beautiful our earth is. Let's make more cloud pictures!


Scandinavian cloud

Man, those vikings sure know their clouds. We shot this one over Sweden, I think. What does it remind you of?

For me, it's a meatball sandwich.

Clouds in Amsterdam

As I grew up in Amsterdam, I had a collection of photos of the Amsterdam skies. Now that this blog has finally been made, let me share some of the most memorable photos with you all. I hope you enjoy the Dutch capital, with the emphasis on the sky.

My favourite cloud.....

Seeing as two of our writers have touched upon real life clouds, I feel the need to highlight another very important genre of clouds: the animated cloud.



Clouds in Taiwan

Now that I think of it, we went to Taiwan a few years ago and made some nice pictures of clouds at sunrise at Alishan, Taiwan.

I have nothing intelligent to say about this picture... except for 中華民國萬歲!!!!!!

And as a bonus, some clouds seen from the airplane, somewhere over the Netherlands


the first Cloud

Since this blog will mostly be about appreciating the simplicity of clouds, I feel glad that I can start off with this exemplary model I found while strolling last week:

It makes me feel a peristeronic kind of sadness, but also radiates some kindness, a warmthening feeling that does not Judge because it is not perfect itself. 

What do you guys think? (don't be shy, I know you came expecting to read about this!!)